Thursday, December 1, 2011

How to Get Your Hands on Movie Premiere Tickets

Ever wanted to watch the live performances of Kenny Chesney, Paris Hilton, Enrique Iglesias, Carrie Underwood or Britney Spears? Many of us must have speculated movie screenings or see celebrity snapshots from the fashion magazines. However, the quest to hang out with your hot celebrities enjoying complimentary drinks, food and pampering in a private VIP enclosure often remains a mystery. Here are five top tips to ensure you find movie tickets with an awesome viewing experience.

1. Know Where to Look for Coveted Seats

One of the easiest ways to get tickets to a movie premiere is to know someone connected to the movie. If you can rub shoulders with filmmakers, movie stars or their friends, you will have the winning chance to be a part of all the excitement and glamour that surrounds this major event as you socialize with celebrities and get access to all the exclusive parties.

2. Check Back Frequently

Register with websites that provide access to the world's most ultra-exclusive events and VIP movie premiere tickets. These websites are not only behind the scenes when it comes to movie premiers, but also indulge their clients with up to the minute access for attending the latest Movie Premieres, Celebrity Parties, and Red Carpet Events.

3. Update Correct Information

The importance of reliable contact information is extraordinarily valuable when it comes to getting invited to world premiers and movie screenings you would want to attend. Make sure any personal information you provide is updated and correct. Tickets are often distributed based on priority basis.

4. Plan Ahead and Shop Early

This makes it important to plan ahead and shop as early as possible if you want to get the best deal possible on your movie premiere tickets, and avoid having to pay too much especially if you're going to book tickets for A- list events. Those that arrive early will have the best chance to get preferred seat near the celebrities.

5. Leave Camera Phones Inside Car

The security is high and hence, there is no way that they will allow you to carry your cell phones or camera in to the premier. If you have a camera phone, they will ask you to return it to your car. Avoid losing your place in line and make sure to leave it in your vehicle.

Don't miss your chance to sit among the celebrities along the catwalk!! Experience the history, tradition and excitement that the movie premiere awards have come to be known for. Whether you are drinking or relishing cuisine delights in the exclusive hospitality milieu, or gazing at the world famous celebrities, the movie premiere is sure to be a time to remember.

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