Saturday, February 25, 2012

The All-Time Best College Movies

College buddies swap stories about their old college days as they grow older. Some decide their stories are good enough to be turned into movies, or come up with really good ideas for movies just by talking about their lives. Many excellent movies about college life have been made, and while this is by no means a complete list, they should be at the top of your must-watch list.

The movie "21," starring Jim Sturgess and Kevin Spacey, is about six MIT students who are chosen by a professor to become part of a card counting group because of their incredible math skills. This movie is based on a true story, which is a bit unsettling because they are essentially breaking the law by taking their card counting training to Las Vegas in order to swindle the casinos out of millions of dollars.

If you are interested in a legal career, you may or may not feel that "Legally Blonde" is a good representation of college life in law school. Reese Witherspoon is Elle Woods, a sorority queen turned aspiring law student who chases down her ex-boyfriend to Harvard's law school and finds out that she is actually quite talented in legal studies. Elle is a girly girl and a true blonde with a heart of gold, and many hilarious quirky comments.

One of the greatest college football movies that exists is "Rudy," starring Sean Astin. Most of the movie takes place at the University of Notre Dame, where Astin's character, Rudy, aspires to play football. He was always told that he was too small to play college football, but Rudy works incredibly hard to fulfill his dream of playing for the Fightin' Irish. "Rudy" is an amazing story about how perseverance and hard work can get you anywhere.

Sometimes, older people get nostalgic and start yearning for the good ol' days, especially the college days. At times, people go too far in wanting to relive those glory days, like in the movie "Old School," starring Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn. The guys, wanting to relive those college days, form their own fraternity in the new house Mitch (played by Luke Wilson) recently bought. Hilarity ensues when they put a bunch of misfit college students, retirees and other random fellows through rushing for their new frat.

Anyone who has interacted on the Internet should be aware of the world's biggest social network, Facebook. The movie describing the story leading up to its creation, "The Social Network," is about Mark Zuckerberg's brilliant idea to create a social networking website similar to Hot or Not. Zuckerberg is played by Jesse Eisenberg.

These college movies depict but a small part of what college life could be like. Of course, if you choose to go to college online, your life may not quite live up to these crazy tales. Searching for degrees online can be a great start if you are interested in an online college. Looking for career guides for college students is a good thing to do as well.

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