Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Best Films of Italian Cinema

Italian Cinema ranks among the most respected film countries in the world. The amount of great films it has produced is mind blowing. Something that demonstrates the relevance of Italian cinema is that it has received the highest amount of Oscars for foreign language films. Also when you will have a look at the major movie databases like IMDb you will find that a lot of Italian movies score extremely high.

Here I want to present to you the three very best films of Italian Cinema. With these movies you can get introduced to Italian Movies. It will also be a good indication of which directors you might like. I have chosen three films by three different great movie directors For every film I have included the IMDb rating to give you an impression of its popularity.

1. Cinema Paradiso (1988)

Filmmaker: Guiseppi Tornatore

IMDb: 8.5

According to many the best art house film of the last decades. Indeed, it is very enchanting and inspiring. So much so, that it is not only the best Italian movie, but also the best european movie in our opinion. It is about a filmmaker who looks back on his childhood years, which he spend in the local movie theater. It was there that his love for film developed. It has received the oscar for best foreign language film in 1990.

2. Eight and a Half (1963)

Filmmaker: Federico Fellini

IMDb: 8.2.

An amazing film by legendary Italian director Federico Fellini. Everyone who knows a little about European Cinema knows this man. Probably one of the names people love to name-drop the most. And for a reason. Eight and a half is considered to be his most famous work. It won two Oscars. It is about an Italian director delves into his memories and fantasies.

3. Life is Beautfull - La Vita e Bella (1997)

Filmmaker: Roberto Benigni.

IMDb: 8.5.

One of the most touching movies of the last 20 years. A film all schools should show their pupils. Not only the teach them about the horrors of the second world war, but also to let them know what real courage is. The film is about a young father who lets his son believe the german concentration camp they are staying is all part of a game. It received 3 Oscars. One went to Benigni for best Actor. He also directed the film.

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